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Tissin R&D Center, which has more than 20 years of accumulated technology and development experiences in control valve systems, consists of engineers who has the nation’s top technical skills and development experiences and competitive human resources who will lead the growth and future of domestic control valve systems.

Tissin R&D Center, which consists of Electronic control team and Instrument development team, will do its best to keep releasing competitive products based on durability and stability.

Director of R&D Center

Yong Hee, Lee (Ph.D. of Electronic, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Engineering / Hanyang University)

Major Achievements

2022.01 Fail Freez type smart positioner TS700 released
2020.10 Launched Smart Logither pressure sensor applied products
2020.08 Establishment of company-affiliated research institute
2017.08 Acquisition of invention patent for smart positioner torque motor
2017.06 Launched smart positioner products